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Sloan Gear is a student run retail venture that brings high quality branded and custom apparel to the MIT Sloan community.  I was the creative director for the company from May 2012 to June 2013.  As the design leader I worked with our sales and strategy teams to source apparel and design graphics for sale.  In several cases, I worked directly with our clients to develop custom graphics for special events.  I also coordinated with the MIT Technology Licensing Office to gain regulatory approval for the use of MIT and MIT Sloan logos.  Further more, I worked with our operations team and directly with our vendors to place orders and deliver the final goods.  This experience was an incredibly valuable experience because it gave me a real understanding of the very real challenges and opportunities that accompany the management of a start up venture.  And because design was a central point of our value proposition, I had the opportunity to work in all aspects of the value chain from sales and strategy, to design and operations.

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About the Author
Allan Donnelly is a designer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Allan received an MS in Engineering and Management from MIT and a BA in Architecture from UC Berkeley. Allan is interested in the intersection between design thinking and systems thinking.

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