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The Creativity of Crowds

Measuring the Effects of Explicit Instructions and Incentives on the Idea Generation Rate of a Crowd-Based Population Generating new

Sustainability at Biosphere 2

“Sustainability is the possibility that human and other life might flourish on earth forever.” This quote by John Aronfeld set up the

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a systems approach to business and organizational design. The framework for enterprise architecting

Cafe Service Redesign

      This project was the product of a series of workshops hosted by Continuum Innovation at MIT Sloan. The workshops


Gülüs in Turkish means smile.  gülüs is a mobile application that allows the people of Istanbul to share smiles with one another.  In a

Collective Intelligence

    Collective Intelligence is defined as the ability of groups to solve more problems than the individuals working alone

Affinity Maps

Affinity mapping is a tool that helps designers find relationships between elements and to simplify complex information.  Groups of

Forever, At Last.

Swinging Both Ways: Targeting Gay Consumers Using Cryptic Messaging This research begins with the premise that gay consumers respond to

Email Network Analysis

Sloan Gear is a student run retail venture. The company is designed to give management students the opportunity to learn first-hand the

Be a Superhero

C-Functions are semimonthly, student-organized social events designed to highlight the cultural diversity at MIT Sloan. Each event